Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit Schmexit

I, for one,  was confused as to which way to vote yesterday. I had my concerns on both fronts.

But I'll be honest,  I didn't fully understand all the ins and outs and actually how much of an impact staying or leaving would have on me and my family directly. I generally avoided watching all the debates etc on the TV because it just confused me further.

I'm not embarrassed to say that I am not a politically minded person and that I perhaps don't fully understand all the implications.  But I am extremely embarrassed by the ignorance that so many voters actually have.  I'm embarrassed by the attitude of "let's get rid of all the foreign workers" - "they've stolen our jobs". And that is what their vote has been based on.  End of.  

Now,  don't get wrong,  I have a degree of issue with certain aspects of our immigration policies. But when you see these migrant workers doing all the (and let's be very truthful here), mostly real shit jobs, jobs that usually involve bloody hard manual work - ask yourself this. .. where are our own younger generations?  Are they banging down doors to go and do these jobs? I think not.  I think they're all too busy popping out kids and claiming benefits.  Do they even realise that the majority of these migrant workers have paid more tax into our country in the period they've worked here than most of these morons in their entire lifetime? I think not. I could go on about it but there really is no point.  

What's done is done.

I honestly hope that this will turn out to be just what we needed.  But time will tell.

As I said at the start.  I really was confused and I ultimately applied the attitude of  "better the devil you know". And so I voted to remain. 

 WORD FOR THE DAY: Moron - noun
                                                              a stupid person

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