Friday, 3 June 2016

MRI Scan

So last night I had my follow up MRI scan on my little, sore brain.

At the moment, I have to have these scans repeated yearly to make sure the tumour I had removed in 2015, hasn’t started to grow back.
It’s not my favourite experience in the world, but it is a necessity. Luckily, Matt was able to be with me as it was an evening appointment.

I filled up on Rescue Remedy and I went to town and added in another Bach Flower Remedy, White Chestnut, which is for helping get rid of repetitive, negative thoughts and promote positivity and tranquility. 

I won’t go into too much detail about the type of repetitive and unwanted thoughts I have when I allow myself to think of laying in the MRI tunnel. Let’s just say it involves not being able to get to a toilet… Please go ahead and have a little snigger about that. I do once I’m out of the panic phase. I think it’s the actual build up and waiting around that is my worst time. Once I’m in, I’m usually ok. I always have to have a contrast dye injected into my arm as well after the first few images have been done. I don’t have a needle phobia or anything but I do have a bit of a hard time with the nurses trying to find my veins. They are very deep and sometimes I have to get stabbed a few times before they hit gold. Urgh….

If any of you have not been lucky enough to have had an MRI before, they’re not the quietest, to say the least. Even with the ear plugs in. Plus there’s usually a bit of vibrating and shaking going on too..... Or is that just me? Ha. I imagine the bit that freaks people out the most is the mask/helmet thing you have to wear when you’re having your head scanned. Somewhat claustrophobic. And certainly not a great look! Oh and good luck if you get an itchy nose!

Anyway. Hoping to have the results back in about a week, so please feel free to keep things crossed or indeed send up a little prayer that it all comes back clear.

Word of the day:    Jubilate - verb - To Rejoice

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