Friday, 1 December 2017

Puppy Love

About 5 wks ago, the 2.75kg bundle of Boxer cross Rottweiler named Apollo fell into our lives. 

Regular puppy posts on all of my social media accounts have followed and so most of you will already be familiar with his cute little face. 

I will openly admit that I've struggled with puppy life.  24hrs a day looking after a puppy that at times has his high energy moments (he actually goes flippin nuts!) combined with a fewbouts of 'puppy guts' , an increasingly strong and determined jaw (biting is fun don't you know?) - alongside an ever increasing weight (he's over 10kg now) - is, simply put: exhausting. 

Up at around 5.30am most days and ending up like a zombie snatching snoozes on the couch whilst the puppy sleeps has become the norm.  Housework and ironing have to be fitted in around the precious sleep.

I've turned into someone who appears to have no clothes other than leggings & sweat shirts with lots of holes in. Did I mention the teeth? I've heard the word 'needles' when people talk about puppy teeth.

I can assure you that needles are a piece of piss when I think of how sharp this little nugget's teeth are.  Seriously.

Toilet training.  If you do not take the little nugget out to the garden every 10-15 minutes he will pee indoors. He will also literally skip over the puppy training pad or newspaper that's been provided, on his way to the area that he'd like to go in.  Night times are usually uneventful. A few accidents in his early weeks here and there but overall he's pretty good. 

Last night was a first poo patrol requirement at an ungodly hour.  3.15am. I was standing in my garden in knee length pj bottoms, a man sized knitted hoody/ jacket thing and White Birkenstocks. No socks. That goes beyond looking like a German tourist.  That's mental patient level right there.  But I think given the choice of enduring the arctic conditions for 5 minutes or having the whole house stinking of dog poo by morning, plus the risk of pup either standing/lying in it or eating it.... the choice is made.

This little guy is hard work for a fair amount of time but he also makes me happy, even when he's trying to hump me.   My dad would have simultaneously adored him and been telling me I shouldn't have got him ♡

I can't wait until my Lolly-pup has got his manners under control and gets to run free in the fields with that tongue and those perfect, velvety ears flapping around. 

Word of the day: 

  1. daybreak; dawn; the time at which a cockcharacteristically crows - when Kirsty is getting up to deal with the nugget.  

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  1. Must take a lot of discipline to take care of a pooch, I don't really know how beggars manage it but maybe the company is worth it.

    Dan is the ongoing story of my actual life in South London