Friday, 20 May 2016

I hate looking like a boiled egg

Hello All
So following on from my post about my mental health situation, I was amazed at the response I received. It’s very encouraging to get such positive feedback. So thanks to all that let me know their thoughts. I don’t know if you know, but you get a dashboard thingy on your blogger account which gives you an overview of stats like how many people have looked at your page and also which countries they’re in. According to my dash, I’ve had 603 page views since my first post. I’m actually pretty impressed with that.
So today, I just thought I’d have a little waffle about nothing too serious as I think my post the other day was probably quite enough of a read to keep you all going for a bit. My head hasn’t been great the past few days. As some of you already know, I suffer from migraines and severe headaches most days. And I really mean most days. No exaggeration there. The weather can really affect me which is somewhat of a pain in the arse considering that we often get that high pressure stuff. Anyway, despite attempts with several drugs to try and prevent them, the migraines are still winning.
On top of which, since the start of March I have had this flu type viral thing THREE times. Three!! I also have had the deep joy of getting Vertigo with it. It’s been really horrible. And, just because I have that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still the migraines too. Matt and I tried out this manoeuvre I’d found out about whilst googling about vertigo. We tried it out. If I hadn’t been so distressed by the room spinning, then I guess I would have been laughing my head off at the seeming ridiculousness of it all. But good old Dr Maff sorted me right out. Haha. Have a look at the video on YouTube here. (opens in new window)
White & Ginger catsSo having carried out this procedure (the Epley manoeuvre), the spinning actually did stop. Unfortunately, I still have the feeling of being on a boat. I’m worse in the mornings. I pretty much stagger around like a drunk for the first couple of hours. Pin balling off everything including walls and doorframes. I usually wake with a headache too. So, after a coffee, bit of brekkie, couple of pain killers and a small cuddle with a couple of the idiots, I start to feel half human.

I think that’s why I love my beauty products. Hair and makeup can make you feel loads better. Certainly helps you look loads better if nothing else. I think I’m a little bit old fashioned in that I like to have a bit of makeup on and attempted to sort my hair out for when Maff comes home. Even if I have sat in my pyjamas most of the day with no makeup on. Looking like a boiled egg.

This sort of leads on to talking about my venture into the trying out of some new kinds of skincare and makeup that I’ve read a little about in the past, and somehow have become slightly obsessed with. I love the idea of the organic, natural, paraben and silicone free beauty products that seem to be all the rage, particularly as I can be prone to bouts of cystic acne on my chin (thanks PCOS) -  but I do get the hump about the prices we have to pay for these things. So, this is where Korea comes in! I know that they’ve been going with that whole ethos for a long long time, and I think the West are only really just trying to catch on. From Bee Venom to Snail Slime enzymes included in a big range of the products I’ve been reading up on you can’t get more natural ingredients than those! So I have already received my first lot of products to try. Some of the pictures are on my Facebook (opens in new window) page and my Instagram (opens in new window) page but I will be doing reviews on here too. Once I figure out how to add pages that are clickable I’ll be adding more. (Sorry, I’m totally doing the self-teaching thing on web pages etc. so could be a painfully slow process). There’s a really decent range of brands to choose from and there are subsequently different pricing ranges too but I have found, thus far, that even with the cost of shipping, you still get far more for your money than when you’re trying to buy the Western brand versions.
Korean Sheet Mask
I actually have already managed to get myself linked to a couple of suppliers of Korean beauty products (which are in the left hand column). and My very first haul of goodies came from skin18 and I was over the moon with the deals they have on their site. I hope to be getting some stuff from Q-Depot soon too. So far with them, though, in just setting up my account with them they have been really lovely with great service and response time. I have also, today been accepted onto a couple of other affiliate accounts, namely Benefit Cosmetics (always loved their stuff) and Origins too. I’m waiting to hear if I’ve got in with Bare Minerals, there’s a couple of their products that I will definitely be recommending! I’m hoping I may even be able to get some freebies to try out and review! Joining up as an affiliate for some brands is my way of trying to have a little bit of a "job". I cannot go out to work because of my head. Be assured though - i will be giving 100% honest and impartial reviews on stuff. Promise!
Having a little pamper is great for me but the other thing that I love is having a little sing up. I will listen to pretty much any type of music. So, as well as my word of the day, I will also include “the next song on my playlist”. I’d love to hear what the next one on your playlists are. Let me know in the comments below.
Anyhoo… that’s about all for now. If you’re not dying of boredom, please add your email below for notifications of new posts. Please feel free to get others having a read, and feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers. X

THE NEXT SONG ON MY PLAYLIST: Gym Class Heroes Feat Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts (opens in new window)

WORD OF THE DAY:  Furphy   (noun, fur-fee) - Australian, a false report, rumour                 


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  1. Hey Kirsty!
    Loved reading your blogs. You write so well! You are such an inspiring person, to have gone through what you have and remain so positive. Silver linings is a great motto. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
    I love beauty products too. I'm also just getting into the whole non-toxic cosmetics world and loving what I've tried so far! I was an account manager for Benefit Cosmetics for three years, so I know their products very well. Hope you enjoy them!
    Anyway, well done on an awesome blog and I can't wait for the next entry. xxx