Wednesday, 1 June 2016


 I’ve been MIA for about a week so I really thought I should be getting back to this.

First of all I want to briefly mention the loss of one of my idiot squad yesterday. Daphne. My little beauty. One of the best cats I ever had. We had a very very special bond. From her initial “runt of the litter” days where she ended up having to be hand fed by yours truly, to giving me her undying love on days where I literally could not get out of bed. This little lady (as dramatic as it may sound), has played a huge part in saving my life. So, to get even more cheesy about it, we kind of saved each other. I just had to save her in a different way this time. From suffering. Such a very hard decision.
My little, soft, fluffy, short-legged Ginger wally made it to 12 years old, a very respectable age for a cat and she is already so greatly missed by all of us. RIP Daphers…. Save some cuddles for me up there. X


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